Smock Law Firm Consultants' partners have written extensively on law firm topics and our clients and those we are meeting/serving for the first time have all spoken positively of the practical and useful advice we provide – before they even knew us or hired us.

While we keep the topics current, we find that most have a much longer shelf life than we originally envisioned. For instance, it has been over 25 years since effective practice group management became a staple of law firm management's "best practices", but the monographs we have written during the ensuing period on this topic are still both viable and valuable.

Thus, we have included all of our law firm monographs in this section. They are listed below from the most to least recent and can be viewed by clicking on the title.

Happy Days are Here Again
The Results of Smock Law Firm Consultants’ Early 2019 Survey of the Legal Marketplace
March, 2019

And The Caissons Keep Rolling Along, But Significant Change Afoot 
February 2018

Meaningful Compensation For Practice And Industry Team Leaders (And Teams) – How Important Is It? 
November 2017

Generally Excellent 2016 Performance, Virtually Non-Existent Growth, and Some Storm Clouds On The Horizon
February 2017

Effective Industry And Practice Teams – The Secret Weapon For Profitable Growth And Market Differentiation 
September 2016

The Race Belongs To The Swift And The Contest To The Strong
March 2016

To Merge Or Not To Merge? – That Is Still The Question
September 2015

Some Very Good Results, But Still Too Much Focus On The Short Term 
March 2015

Seven Deadly Sins Of Succession Planning: An Open Letter To “First Generation” Partners 
March 2015

How is 2014 Going in the Atlanta Legal Market and What Are The Longer Term Issues? 
October 2014

What Is Happening In The Northeast Ohio Legal Market, What Is Going To Happen And What Does It All Mean?
September 2014

The New York Legal Market 2014 Update – Opinions, The Near Term Outlook, And Our Comments
June 2014

Better Results Than Expected With Positive Prospects – But Issues Still To Be Addressed 
February 2014

“We’ve Gotta Run This Place Like A Business” – A Primer On What Many Law Firm Managers Say They Must Do, But Very Often Do Not 
September 2013

Déjà Vu All Over Again
January 2013

Dealing With Underperforming Partners
September 201

Smock Law Firm Consultants’ Legal Marketplace Outlook for the Remainder of 2012 and Beyond 
March 2012

Near and Longer Term Considerations for 2012 (and Beyond) Planning – What’s on the Horizon? November 2011

Smock Law Firm Consultants' Legal Market Outlook for 2011 – Building on a Good 2010 in an Era of Continuing Uncertainty January 2011

An Update on the 2010 Legal Marketplace October 2010

Effective Practice Group Management – A Return to Prominence as a Critical Law Firm Management Priority 
July 2010

A Look at the Legal Marketplace Through 3/31/10 
May 2010

Our 2010 Legal Market Outlook: Strategic Thinking for a Fragile Recovery 
February 2010

The Legal Marketplace in Late 2009 – What Law Firm Leaders Are Saying Now

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Clients Demand Greater Value, Partners Want More Income 
August 2009

The Current Economic Environment – What Law Firm Leaders Are Saying
April 2009

Flying Blind at a Critical Time: Do Your Partners Know What Your Strategy Is?
February 2009

Maintaining and Expanding Profitability Without Raising Rates – Law Firm Management's Pressing Challenge 
February 2009

The Looming Recession: The Glass May Be Half Full By Peter Giuliani 
January 2009

We Are Optimists – We See the Cup at Least Half Full
November 2008

Setting Managing Partner Pay It's a Two-Way Street By Peter Giuliani
October 2008

No Chicken Little, The Sky Is Not Falling 
August 2008

The Legal Marketplace in 2008 – Time for the Industry to Jump Out of the Sauce Pan

The Seven Deadly Sins of Law Firm Mergers and Combinations By John Smock 
December 2007

The Legal Marketplace in 2007 – Rip Van Winkle Would Not Recognize It
March 2007

What's Happening Out There? The State of Legal Management in 2005

Implementation – the Gutsy Challenge in Strategic Planning

Over the Top – Law Firm Strategic Planning Excesses and Mistakes in 2003
December 2003

Confessions of a Law Firm Management Consultant – My Twenty Plus Years Before the Mast By John Smock

Dispatches From the Merger Front

The Evolution of Law Firm Strategic Planning: Darwin Would Have Been Proud

Law Firm Management in 2002

FOCUS – Our Strategic Planning Methodology

Strategic Planning in Law Firms – From "Nice to Do" to "Essential for Future Success"

The Four Stages of a Successful Law Firm Merger

To Merge or Not to Merge – That Is the Question

The Seven Deadly Sins of Law Firm Management in the New Millennium