We focus our services and the extensive experience of our partners in seven areas of strategic assistance to law firms.

1) Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is our most broadly recognized core competency – we assist our clients in developing meaningful and executable strategic plans at the firm, practice, and office levels. Using our industry leading FOCUS methodology, we are particularly adept at helping varied sets of partners agree on strategic direction and achieve highly desirable results from their efforts.

2) Strategic plan implementation and execution assistance

Strategic plan implementation and execution assistance that aligns practice teams, client service teams, and administrative departments with firm-level strategy and with one another. This often requires knowledgeable outside assistance in developing measurements, in implementing growth strategies and/or practice group management improvements and providing continuing counsel in plan implementation.

3) mergers & combinations (strategic growth)

Our mergers and combinations strategic growth services operate at all four stages of the merger process (identification and preliminary discussions, new firm concept development, detailed due diligence and final closing, and integration). We take a position as key advisors to this process and we do not charge, nor expect, a success fee.

4) Practice TEAM management

Practice group management is a strong credential of Smock Law Firm Consultants. We have helped firms assess their overall practice group needs, address the management needs of one or all practice groups in a firm, develop practice group plans, and provide management and leadership training for practice group leaders.

5) law firm economics

In Law Firm Economics, we help our clients improve firm and practice profitability, value firms and practices for mergers/combinations, and provide counsel on capital structures and other critical financial issues.

6) strategic management issue resolution

In strategic management issue resolution, we respond to the expressed needs of our clients in such areas as partner compensation and evaluation, partnership structure, firm organization, succession planning, and assessments of marketing effectiveness and administrative firm management.

7) Operational excellence

Operational excellence involves our assistance in improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of firm operations in order to achieve a tangible and measurable impact on both near and longer term profitability and client service levels.